Three Things Indigenous Australians Want The Government To Do

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Three Things Indigenous Australians Want The Government To Do

Hi Outlouders! On Jan 26th we think it's important to reflect on our country's history. Recently on the Mamamia podcast, The Quicky, they looked into The Uluru Statement. And we thought it was such an important episode we had to share it here.

Three years ago, nearly 300 people signed a statement to the Australian parliament asking for Indigenous voices be heard in our government, the Uluru Statement from the Heart. It outlines three specific requests. 

Three years on, what's happening with it?

The Quicky asks the question: with so many other countries like Canada and the US already creating treaties like this with their First Nation People, why wouldn't Australia follow suit?


Host/Producer: Claire Murphy 

Executive Producer: Melanie Tait

Audio Producer: Ian Camilleri 

Guest: Professor Megan Davis, contributor the Uluru Statement from the Heart, Constitutional Lawyer, Pro Vice Chancellor Indigenous at UNSW. 

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