The Thing About Second Marriages

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The Thing About Second Marriages

Karl Stefanovic married Jasmine Yarbrough over the weekend in Mexico and he's released photos to the media despite saying he'd be doing "no media deal."  So, can you have a problem with being followed by paparazzi if you're willing to profit from your fame?

Holly is about to fly back to the UK for Christmas and right into the heart of the Brexit mess.  It's two years on and not much has changed except that British Prime Minister Theresa May has survived a vote of no confidence. So what does it all mean and how did we get here? Holly’s ready to explain with the help of a trusty poo analogy.  

Plus, Jessie is concerned that our obsession with sleep is keeping us awake. Turns out our need for sleeping apps, sprays, magnesium oil, special pillowcases and dark rooms is making us MORE anxious. So what should we do?

Oh, and we've also got our best Lady Startup recommendations for Christmas...

Jessie: The Little Book of Bad Moods: Be Your Worst Self by Lotta Sonninen

Mia: Tiff Manuell

Holly: How To Be Perfect and The Mummy Bloggers as well as anything from the Inappropriate Gift Co


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