The Self Care You Won’t See On Instagram

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The Self Care You Won’t See On Instagram

We’re not on our Summer holidays yet, but we know a bunch of people who are...Australian politicians.  And it's no wonder they're pooped because it's been a massive couple of weeks in Canberra.  If you want a quick wrap of what's been happening and why, Holly has you covered.

And are you struggling to find time to factor self-care into your routine?  Well, Jessie has some troubling news.  Apparently self-care isn't all face masks and mani-pedi's, it also includes doing your taxes and putting together a household budget.  

Plus, as Christmas is approaching it's time to start thinking about what you're going to buy the men in your life.  So why are blokes so hard to buy for and should you just implement Mia's 'let's not worry about a present' rule?

And of course, it's Friday, which means it's recommendations time!

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