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The Salad Rule

This week, the NSW Premier came out in support of a push to change the lyrics of Advance Australia Fair, from "for we are young and free" to "for we are ONE and free." As NAIDOC week draws to a close, how do First Nations people feel about the issue and how can we take steps forward towards reconciliation?

Plus, an elegance coach has released a video about all the ways in which we’re exhibiting poor etiquette when eating out. Her main rules include never fixing makeup at the table or blowing our nose in public. Jessie explains how we're all doing it wrong.

And, our best & worst of the week, including Emily getting 'soundboarded' on a date - where one person fills the time talking only about themselves.


Recommendations: You can listen to today's episode of The Quicky here, to learn more about the issue of the national anthem. Jessie wants you to check out Indigenous artist, Natalie Jade. You can donate to help crowd-fund the Bowraville doco here. Follow us on Instagram @MamamiaOutLoud 


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