The Hardest Part About Being Being Extremely Beautiful

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The Hardest Part About Being Being Extremely Beautiful

Emily Ratajkowski wrote an article for The New York Times about the defining moments in her career, and it's got us thinking about how women are often commodities in the public eye.

Plus, you can stop flicking through self-help books and listicles to learn the secrets to a fulfilling life - because Mia, Holly and Jessie found them for you.

And a quick spoiler for Best and Worst… Jessie has left home. That is, Mia’s home. Is that the Best or the Worst thing that happened this week? Depends on whether you ask Mia or Jessie…


We want everyone to watch The Social Dilemma on Netflix.

You can read Emily Ratajkowski's story here: 

And check out Oliver Burkeman's article here: 


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