The Great Relationship Conversation Test

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The Great Relationship Conversation Test

Married At First Sight is back this week, and on Thursday night it got Jessie thinking (you can read her specific thoughts here) about whether there was a right or a wrong way to have a conversation with a partner. Because it seems that in every relationship, there’s a person who wants to moan and a person who wants to offer solutions. So should a conversation have a goal?

Plus, Mia feels silly because she missed one of the biggest news stories in Australia right now. So Holly and Jessie are here to explain what is going on with the Darling River and the millions of dead fish floating in it. 

And the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, one of the most generous employers in America, has just announced that it is cutting paid parental leave from a year to six months, so is a year with a baby really not what a mother needs?


Mia: Sex Education on Netflix

Holly: Killing Eve on SBS

Jessie: Napolean Perdis China Doll Eyeliner 


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Producers: Elissa Ratliff 


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