The Friendship Ghosting Dilemma

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The Friendship Ghosting Dilemma

A column appeared in the Wall Street Journal earlier this week suggesting Dr. Jill Biden should drop her ‘honorific,’ the ‘doctor’ part of her title…It was sexist and stupid but is there a grain of truth in the broader message? Or is it a classic case of tall poppy syndrome? 

Plus, UK beauty icon Caroline Hirons had a relatively common “journey” to her ADHD diagnosis. Meaning, she didn’t get one until one of her kids was diagnosed with it. But some of the characteristics she outlined on a recent No Filter ep had many of us thinking..."Wait, that's me!"

And, Em has admitted to ghosting a friend after they got into a relationship, while Mia reflects on what it's like to be on the other side, after being ghosted by a friend this year. Is it better to know why? Would you rather be cut off, or is a 'soft' ghosting the kind way to let someone down easy? 


Recommendations: Mia is obsessed with Taylor Swift's new album, Evermore. You can listen to her full interview with Caroline Hirons on No Filter here

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