You Can Spot A Favourite Child From Miles Away

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You Can Spot A Favourite Child From Miles Away

It’s been a week for arguments about who gets to play who on stage and on screen in 2020. A Sydney production of Hedwig and the Angry Inch has been postponed after actor Hugh Sheridan was cast as the title character, while Sia has faced backlash after posting the trailer for her first feature film, Music, starring Maddie Ziegler as a young girl who has non-verbal autism.

Plus, the theme of motherhood is the main focus of episode four of the new season of The Crown and in particular, the idea of having a favourite child. Margaret Thatcher reveals to the Queen her ‘favourite’ child, her son, is missing. The Queen is taken aback by the concept, and we then hear her reaction in this discussion with Phillip - who argues any honest parent does have a favourite. So what does it mean to have a favourite or be the favourite and does every parent really have a preference?

And, over the weekend, two Sydney hospitality owners lashed out at “whinging, self entitled, young workers,” calling a work-life-balance “one of the most dangerous terms young people have been introduced to.”


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