The Enemy Of Sex

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The Enemy Of Sex

Last week there was a man on The Bachelorette who may have been a new-low in reality TV villains. Yes, we’re talking about Jess Glasgow and the men who stood up to his misogynistic behaviour towards our heroine Angie Kent.

This week Mamamia writer and host of the You Beauty podcast Amy Clark wrote a piece titled ‘A stranger sent me an Instagram message about my weight. They were "concerned for my health". Amy joins Holly, Mia, and Jessie to talk through the experience, and why people seem to feel like it’s okay to body-shame someone if you say it comes from a place of “concern” for your well-being.

You can read Amy’s piece on Mamamia here 

Also, does cuddling ruin your sex life. Some researchers say cuddles are the death of more intimate physical touch, while others say the opposite. Tell us what you think by emailing [email protected]

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