The Arrest We've Been Waiting For

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The Arrest We've Been Waiting For

If you've come looking for Elf On The Shelf tips you're in the wrong place. We're in the lead-up to Christmas and Holly's in the depths of Elf On The Shelf hell, for the umpteenth year running. But she's having a far better week than Chris Dawson, who was arrested for the suspected murder of his wife Lynette. He's been extradited to Sydney and refused bail. And it's all thanks to the incredible Hedley Thomas and the Teacher's Pet podcast, as well as some new witness statements. Plus, the Mamamia Out Loud team tackle a group therapy from a listener who's struggling with her ex-partner's new wedding plans. She wants to crawl into a hole and... drink. And what is The Merit Myth? It's had an effect on Sarah Hansen-Young in passing weeks, but funnily enough on very few men.

Jessie recommends 'The Ghost In Your Genes' documentary:

Holly recommends Hasan Minhaj's 'Homecoming King' comedy special on Netflix:

Mia recommends the 'Sad Jennifer Aniston' episode of Slate's Decoder Ring podcast:


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