Taylor Swift And The "Annoying Woman" Syndrome

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06 Feb 2020 · 41 minutes

Taylor Swift And The "Annoying Woman" Syndrome
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Swifties are buzzing because Taylor Swift’s documentary ‘Miss Americana’ is now out but her haters have called it a contrived attempt to self-victimise. So we’re wondering, what is the “annoying woman syndrome” and does Taylor Swift have it?

Also, do you use “as previously discussed” and “I’m balancing a lot this week” when emailing someone at work? If so, you could be considered passive aggressive but do we really know what these phrases mean? . 

Plus, are you an alarm snoozer? Is meditation a part of your morning ritual? What about laying your work clothes out the night before? Jessie, Mia, and Holly talk: morning routines.

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