Taylor Swift, Bachelor Breakups and Rules for Open Plan Offices

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Taylor Swift, Bachelor Breakups and Rules for Open Plan Offices

This week, the details of former Bachelor star Alex Nation’s alleged new relationship with a woman were splashed across every major news site in the country. But, is it actually true? And if it is, is it any of our business?

Taylor Swift won a big court case so why did she only receive $1?

There’s a mistake you’re making with your work email that could be damaging your career.

How can you survive an open plan office when you're an introvert?

Want to know how you can trust someone? There are four questions you need to ask yourself.

Are you a bad feminist if you constantly tell your friends how pretty they are?

We've finally got a man on a TV ad getting stains out of kids clothes.

And three amazing recommendations for your life, including the genius crayon that can get rid of grey roots in 60 seconds flat.

Show notes

Your host is Monique Bowley with Mia Freedman and Jessie Stephens

Your producer and editor is Monique Bowley, blame her for any sound errors. 

Monz recommends the female ride sharing app, Shebah

Mia recommends the 1000 hour hair colour stick

Jessie recommends this article on The Atlantic : Have smartphones destroyed a generation?

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