Suddenly Single At 32

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Suddenly Single At 32

CGI influencers are taking over Instagram, and making serious money from it. So who is pocketing all that cash? And how does it align with the trend toward authenticity when these ‘people’ are about as inauthentic as it gets?  We’ve got all the pictures in our Mamamia Outlouders Facebook group so make sure you’ve joined to check them out…

Plus, do you find it hard to keep the friendship flame alive when your peers are at different stages in their lives? Hol, Rach and Jessie talk about how to maintain friendships as your lives change and when to know when to let people go.

And an Outlouder wrote in asking for advice on how to handle finding themselves suddenly single a 32 and Rach has a lot of feels!

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Jessie: How Dying Works from the Stuff You Should Know podcast

Rachel: The Family documentary available to stream on Netflix

Holly: Allegra in Three Parts fiction book by Suzanne Daniel

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