Stuffing Up, Slowing Down and Botox For Your Bum.

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Stuffing Up, Slowing Down and Botox For Your Bum.

After years of us waiting, crossing our fingers, and writing it on our Christmas wishlists, Botox for your butthole is finally a thing. Which has made Jackie realise that she has never actually seen her butthole...Have you? Plus, NSW Politician Pru Goward has given an interview about her relationship with estranged daughter Tziporah Malkhah, which begs the question what has to happen in a mother-daughter relationship to make you sever it entirely? And if you are a late person, good news - turns out you’re just wired differently.

Show notes

Mia and Monz will be back next week.

Your host was Holly Wainwright with Jackie Lunn and Jessie Stephens

Today's show was produced by Elissa Ratliff

Jackie recommends Our Souls At Night by Ken Haruf

Jessie is all about saying you SHOULDN'T watch 13 Reasons Why on Netflix

And Holly really really wants you to eat Easter Eggs this weekend. 

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