Stop Telling Women To Stop Being Busy

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10 Dec 2020 · 36 minutes

Stop Telling Women To Stop Being Busy
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An article on GOOP has turned the idea of 'not being busy' into a badge of honour. But is it an enormous privilege to not be busy? Is busyness really a choice and are some people just busy as a personality trait? Parents, in particular, have no choice about busyness.

Plus, our resident Dating Expert Em Vernem shares a Cosmo list with us, about 'how to tell if someone likes you'. The list is made up of different dating habits, plenty which made us roll our eyes, but a few were interesting.

And, our best and worst of the week, including a shout out to teachers everywhere and a nasty note on Jessie's car.


Recommendations: Holly wants you to eat the amazing cheese from Woobye Cheese. Jessie thinks you should listen to Sia on the Louis Theroux podcast

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