SPECIAL: Fifty Shades of Grey. The Essential Guide.

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SPECIAL: Fifty Shades of Grey. The Essential Guide.

This special breakout podcast is what everyone's talking about, yelling about, protesting about and disagreeing about: Fifty Shades of Grey. 

We take two women that have seen it, each with a different view.

One, a sunshiny soul who hadn't read the books and didn't know what to expect. 

The other, a fiery, give-no-shits powerhouse who devoured all three books, and loved them "with one hand." 

What happens? Shit goes down is what. 

This is the definitive guide to the drama and controversy.  The sex scenes. The global reviews.  The wider social message this movie is provoking.

And, above all, the answer to whether you should bother seeing it.

As Monique says, "It's like Margaret and David. With a lot more fucks."

*warning. Swear jar. Adult themes. 

Show notes

Kate Leaver is a Senior Editor at Mamamia

Shelly Horton is a TV host/ producer and regular on Channel 7.

Monique Bowley should have brought a dictionary along.

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Is Mia Freedman the only other woman that wasn't offended?

The Lisa Wilkinson review that's gone viral.

Rosie Waterland's astonished re-cap/review

And the anti-domestic violence group who say there are 10 ways that Fifty Shades glorifyies abusive relationships. 

The story of the White Ribbon Fundraiser that was cancelled.

And....the soundtrack to the film is phenoms. Thanks for this cover of Crazy In Love, by Sofia Karlberg.