Are You A Bernie Or An Elton?

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Are You A Bernie Or An Elton?

The Elton John biopic Rocketman was released this week and it looks closely at the relationship between Elton John and his songwriting partner Bernie Taupin. But the one question it has Jessie Stephens asking is  - are you a ‘Bernie’ or an ‘Elton’ when it comes to your life? And by this she means do you want the limelight for your work or are you just happy floating in the background making good things? 

Plus, in case you missed it, unmarried women are the healthiest and happiest according to London professor Paul Dolan. Apparently married men take fewer risks and “calm down” and are therefore healthier than their single counterparts, whereas married women report more mental and physical problems than single ones. So who’s happier and does it really matter? 

And is it okay to pull out the Entertainment Book on a date? That’s this weeks group therapy.

Mia Freedman is still on holidays so stepping in with Jessie Stephens and Holly Wainwright is our fabulous host of The Quicky, Claire Murphy. 

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