Sex Regrets, We Have A Few

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17 May 2020 · 47 minutes

Sex Regrets, We Have A Few
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A global pandemic, a crashing economy, and social isolation have created a perfect storm for conspiracy theories. Some influencers and celebrities are playing a key role in undermining the mainstream media. So, why are ‘The Media’ suddenly the bad guys?

Also, if there’s anything singer Justin Bieber regrets, it’s having had confusing (and potentially hot) sex in his youth before committing to his now wife Hayley. What’s our biggest sex regret? We discuss.

Plus, should we resolve to do less now that we’re allowed to do more again? 

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Andrew’s interview with Mia on No Filter…

Normal People TV series on Stan…

The Virtual Knockoff with Andy Lee…

The mums loving iso article…


Jessie- The article ‘Why I’ve Never Believed in Believe Women’ by Helen Lewis...

Holly- WTF with Marc Maron featuring Cate Blanchett…

And The Split podcast…

Mia- Mrs. America on iTunes…


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