Sex, Mental Illness and The Bachelor.

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02 Jun 2015 · 54 minutes

Sex, Mental Illness and The Bachelor.
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There's a man in the studio. Osher Gunsberg, host of The Bachelor, is our special guest. Season three has wrapped and it takes about 30 seconds until we start probing him for info. Does he have favourites? Does he try and swing the Bachelors decision? Does he feel sorry for the contestants? Has he know...fallen for one of Bachie's girls?

Then we just keep digging. Sex. Mental Illness. Tell us everything.  

It's a side of Osher you've never heard before.

Show notes

Cindy Gallop, Make Love Not Porn

The Way Of The Superior Man by David Dieda

Moody Bitches, the book


Osher recommends

Kung Fury, the 80's kung fu supercop. 

And Warby Parker glasses

Monique recommends

The Media Report on the journo that broke the FIFA scandal.

Mia recommends the movie Into The Woods


Your hosts were Mia FreedmanOsher Gunsberg and Monique Bowley.

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