Sleeping In Separate Rooms Is Sexy

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Sleeping In Separate Rooms Is Sexy

Hey it's Mia dropping into the Outloud feed to let you know about Overshare. Have you given it a listen? This is what the girls are talking about on this episode:

Mutual orgasm is the HOLY GRAIL of sex but if it’s so important why is it so damn hard to achieve? Is there a secret to it? Is there no hope of it if a lot of women aren’t turned on by penetration?  Lem has some sage wisdom to help you be a better, more reciprocal lover the next time you’re getting freaky.

Plus can sleeping (just sleeping, no funny stuff) in separate bedrooms be beneficial to your relationship? Kel swears by it, not just because it prevents her from kicking her husband awake when he snores like a rail train, and Flex thinks everyone should do it (if only we could afford to).

And Kel has noticed a woman in her workplace dealing with professional conflict in a ‘bitchy’ way. So, is there a way to handle rejection and disappointment at work without taking it personally? And why can’t we all just get along and promote each other until we run the world damn it!

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Hosts: Kelly McCarren, Flex Mami & Lama Zakharia

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