Sam Armytage: The Swimsuit Edition

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Sam Armytage: The Swimsuit Edition

Tony Abbott cocked up this knighthood all on his own, so why is his chief of staff Peta Credlin getting all the heat? Sam Armytage poses in a swimsuit and we ask: was it empowering, predictable, or insulting? In defence of oversized, beige coloured undies. And why Australia needs a judge to rule against parents who name their babies after breakfast spreads. 

Show notes:

Why is Peta Credlin's job on the line?

The Sam Armytage cover that has everyone talking 

The woman that has stopped wearing leggings because they 'entice' men.

And poor baby Nutella, who shall no longer be named after a delicious hazelnut spread.

Mia loves the Startup Podcast.

Jamila mentioned the book Freakonomics: the baby name information is here. 

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