Royals Don't Have Loos In The Bedroom

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Royals Don't Have Loos In The Bedroom

Conscious re-coupling is a thing. Brad and Angelina are doing it, and so are Roxy Jacenko and Oliver Curtis. But how do you know if a relationship is really worth saving? And does your boss 'leave loudly'? One of the world's biggest head honchos says that they should. Can we ever really 'love' our bodies? Jessie doesn't think so. And it has been a big week for the Royal family. Kate got pregnant again and Meghan Markle is on the cover of Vanity Fair. What does it all mean? And does it prove the point that Royals have pulled off the best PR move in 20 years? Plus, Jessie has the most problematic issue she’s ever come across. And it involves a toilet.

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Show notes

Your host is Holly Wainwright with Mia Freedman and Jessie Stephens

Your producer and editor is Elissa Ratliff

Holly recommends rewatching Game of Thrones from the start. 

Jessie recommends reading 'Under The Influence' by Jacqueline Lunn. Find it at

Mia recommends three things. YES THREE. The first is Jessie's article on Why women should stop hating on other women. Find it on our Facebook page. The second is sitting down and watching The Queen on Netflix. And the third is working out to a playlist called '90s Workout Beats on Spotify.

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