What Provokes Your Inner Pufferfish?

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What Provokes Your Inner Pufferfish?

“All Lives Matter” - it’s a phrase that you might have seen peppered in the comment sections of news articles, images and videos across social media. So where did the phrase come from, and how do you talk to someone who won’t stop saying it?

What makes you “Pufferfish”? In her most recent stand up special for Netflix, Hannah Gadsby jokes about the banal things that make her arc up just like a Pufferfish.

Plus, you might have seen a story circulating on socials about a popular YouTuber Myka Stauffer and her husband James who said they were ‘re-homing’ their son Huxley, who was adopted from China in 2016. The family made money off Huxley and his adoption journey, but now have admitted they aren’t the right fit for the young boy. The internet pile-on was swift, but was it justified?

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