Powerful women don't need to wear pants.

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Powerful women don't need to wear pants.

Madonna at the Met Gala gave no shits and it was bumspirational. Today, the messages we're sold from those Red Carpet looks.  Should The Voice judges shut down their attention seeking ways? The importance of muting people on social media. Should you call out people that make shit, racist comments in public? What really happens in the budget lockup? And the big question ahead of mothers day: why do parents make parenting sound so god damn awful?

Show notes:

Your hosts are Monique Bowley with Mia Freedman and Kate De Brito

Kate recommends the new Caroline Overington book The One Who Got Away (also a book club read) . 

Mia recommends The Nest by Cynthia D'Aprix Sweeney

and The Letdown, on ABC iview.

Monique recommends the CWA Calendar of Cakes

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