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Nobody Needs To See That On Zoom

SAS Australia premiered on Aussie screens this week and it's making a lot of headlines. Mia explains why audiences can't look away and takes us through the drama between Roxy Jacenko & Candice Warner, tells us what's going on with Schapelle Corby, and why the Honey Badger is making women uncomfortable.

Plus, "micro-weddings" have seen a huge boost in 2020 for obvious reasons as more and more couples opt for small ceremonies with just a few guests at home or even online.  So is the mini-mony here to stay? Or will we ditch them as soon as we're allowed to have big celebrations again?

And, the Zoom incident that left an American commentator quite literally exposed in front of his colleagues. 


Jessie wants you to watch (and share) this encouraging video for the class of 2020


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