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Mia Feels Sick

It’s been a big week in the U.S...A bombshell report on Trump's tax return got a lot of people talking. Then today, the world watched on as Donald Trump and Joe Biden battled through the first presidential debate of the 2020 US election. It was combative, there was a LOT of shouting and Mia is not OK. We chat with Amelia Lester, an Aussie journalist living in Washington, to get her reaction to the whole thing.

Plus, anyone else feel like they're dropping every ball in their life at the moment? Jessie explains why it feels like the stakes are so high in 2020 and why none of us feel like we've got our shit together.

And, why are we all paranoid that our friends are mad at us? Kee chats through the extra (sometimes imagined) tension between friends when we can't see them and why the pandemic is making things even harder... 


Mia wants you to watch I am Woman on Stan as we celebrate the life of Helen Reddy, plus she's got a great new moisturiser. Kee wants you to head to findation.com to find your perfect foundation colour match.


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