Look What Taylor Swift Made Us Do

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29 Aug 2017 · 63 minutes

Look What Taylor Swift Made Us Do
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We need to talk about Taylor Swift. Because she's everywhere. On Friday we heard the lyrics to her new song. On Monday we watched the video clip. And by Wednesday it would seem the internet has fallen in love with hating on Taylor Swift. But, why? Plus, we need to talk about the statues that sit in our parks across the country. Should they be pulled down? Should their inscriptions be changed? Should we just put up some different ones of, you know, women? Also, did you know that you are probably suffering from a condition called nomophobia? Yup, you are. And, is a dirty-eating Instagram account problematic? Jessie has some feelings...

Show notes

Your host is Holly Wainwright with Mia Freedman and Jessie Stephens

Your producer and editor is Elissa Ratliff

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Jessie recommends working out what exercise regime works for you

Mia recommends watching ATypical on Netflix 

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