We’ll Be Better At Lockdown This Time

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We’ll Be Better At Lockdown This Time

With almost five million Australians heading back into COVID-19 lockdown at midnight tonight, what lessons were learned the first time around? Melburnian Outlouders tell us how they’re feeling about a return to isolation, and how they’ll do it differently this time around. 

Also, is it possible to tell how happy a couple really is just by looking at their social media? A flurry of celebrity breakups has Jessie and Kee convinced you can spot the stayers from the pretenders. 

Plus, why do only women #sharethemic? The powerful social media movement that’s seen white women with significant followings share their platforms with people of colour is specifically for women, but why isn’t there an equivalent for men? 

And Jessie has started watching one of the best TV shows of all time, and is stoked that there are SEVEN seasons of it. What other shows should we be rediscovering?


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Mamamia Outlouders share lockdown stories:

Dr Susan Carland’s thread on lockdown improvements:


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