Joe Biden Says He Didn’t Do It

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Joe Biden Says He Didn’t Do It

Since restrictions have been eased in most states this weekend, Holly went and visited her brother-in-law, Jessie saw her family, and Mia went for a haircut. But what about the people we’re not seeing? Is this a new form of lockdown guilt we’re experiencing?

Also, democratic nominee Joe Biden has been accused of sexual assault by a former senate-aide named Tara Reade (not the actress by the way). So, what does this mean for the election? 

Plus, women who have just given birth are finding themselves on a Skype call with Kate Middleton. How would you feel about chatting with the Duchess of Cambridge minutes after your placenta’s been pulled out? We discuss.

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Jessie- The Elizabeth Gilbert interview with Russell Brand…

Mia- help Mia soothe her sore skin

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