The J. Lo And Shakira Debate That Split The Podcast

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The J. Lo And Shakira Debate That Split The Podcast

Holly’s back so a dip into the royal family is almost inescapable. In a TV interview this week, Meghan Markle’s dad, Thomas Markle, said that he will talk to the media every 30 days until his daughter calls him back. Should media outlets be held accountable for playing a role in fueling family feuds? 

Also, Richard Di Natale; the doctor turned Greens leader, announced his retirement from politics, saying that he wants to spend more time with his young sons, Luca and Ben, and wife Lucy. So should we worry about how our politician’s schedules impact their lives and families?

Plus, the American Superbowl halftime show aired on Sunday and it is full of implicit political messaging, a call for cultural diversity, and booty shaking. But was J. Lo and Shakira’s performance empowering or depressing?

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