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Jessie Is In Quarantine

What is it like to be in self-imposed isolation with a bountiful stock of toilet paper and nowhere to go? Jessie Stephens knows because she’s in quarantine at the moment after returning from her holiday in Japan. She joins in remotely to discuss.  

and we unpack what happened with the COVID-infected GP, Chris Higgins.

Also, Married at First Sight’s Seb told wife Lizzie that she should up her fruit and veggie intake and that she's the “unhealthiest person” he’s ever met. We ask, is it ever appropriate to make comments about your partner’s health? If so, where do we draw the line?

Plus, after all the Harry and Meghan media coverage over the last few days, Mia has thoughts on making big decisions while breastfeeding. We discuss.


The latest Quicky episode on Harry and Meghan…


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