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Jessie's Leaving Home

Australian writer and feminist Clementine Ford is being criticised for making money. We discuss whether there’s a bit of a double standard, and why - when it comes to money - women appear to be particularly tough on each other.  

Also, did you know that one in two women don’t know how to insert tampons properly? Thankfully, Tampax’s “Tampons and Tea” ad deciphers this vaginal mystery. But why has it taken us so long?

Plus, we’re introducing a new segment. What are the best and worst moments of the week? We discuss. 

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Tampax’s ad “Tampons and Tea”…

Judy Blume’s book ‘Are You There God? It’s Me, Margaret’...

Holly’s virtual book launch…

The Spill podcast…


Holly- The Hidden Sea wine…

And, Mia- reporting posts, stories and accounts for false information on instagram


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