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It's Sex. It's The Constitution. It's The Vibe.

Two AFL executives have resigned over workplace affairs. What does this mean for the office romance?  Can you now lose your job for moral infractions? If you’re planning to run for politics you better get your paperwork in order first. Senator Larissa Waters, the first woman to breastfeed on the floor of Parliament, this week discovered she’s actually a dual citizen of Canada and Australia, which means she's out of politics. Terrible news for her but I guess now she's closer to Justin Trudeau. After a CEO devised a sneaky "text test" for employees, we ask; if your boss texts you after hours, should you respond?  Can the 5:2 diet work for other parts of your life? Another diabolical bridesmaid story broke this week so we ask: is it time to ditch bridesmaids all together? And from bridesmaids to Handmaids: we talk more about our latest TV obsession, and we discover Elisabeth Moss has more in common with her character than we realised. 

Show notes

Your host is Monique Bowley with Mia Freedman and Jessie Stephens

Your producer is Monique Bowley

Jessie recommends The Handmaids Tale and watching Ben Shapiro on YouTube

Monique recommends The Handmaids Tale and teaching your partner about the gender wage gap by playing "Patriarchal Connect 4"

Mia recommends Rabbit Proof Fence, on iTunes, and this article from Julia Baird

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