It's Okay To Vote Yes To Watching The Bachelorette

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19 Sep 2017 · 51 minutes

It's Okay To Vote Yes To Watching The Bachelorette
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Can changing your social media profile picture get you fired? For one Canberra woman, the answer was yes. She changed hers to say she's voting NO and her boss was not impressed. Plus, why is the nation so smitten with Sophie Monk? Is it okay to get a Melania Makeover? And, should we all be moving to New Zealand, where everyone can get married and the politicians are kick-arse?

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Show notes

Your host is Holly Wainwright with Mia Freedman and Jessie Stephens

Your producer and editor is Elissa Ratliff

The Director of Podcasts is Rachel Corbett

Jessie recommends The Dry by Jane Harper

Mia and Coco recommend Grace Vanderwaal

Holly thinks you should watch Marc Maron's Netflix 

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