Hugh Jackman Is The Lucky One

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Hugh Jackman Is The Lucky One

Deborra-Lee Furness is sick of people saying she’s ‘lucky’ to be married to Hugh Jackman. This week, the Aussie actor and producer chatted with Anh Do for the ABC's Brush With Fame, and shared the one thing that frustrates her most when she's asked about her marriage. 

And, Cuties is an award-winning French film about a young girl caught between a dance-crew of girls from her school and growing up in a traditional Muslim family. When Netflix bought the rights to the movie this year, it sparked a mass movement to #CancelNetflix. We take a closer look at the controversy surrounding the film.

Plus, it's time for Best and Worst. Jessie made an 'agenda' ahead of a recent dinner with friends and she thinks you should make one too. 


Kee wants you to watch The Comey Rule on Stan. When you're done, listen to The Spill's Watch Club tomorrow morning, September 3rd, for an in-depth look at the series!  

You can watch Deborra-Lee on Brush With Fame here


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