How To Fake Being Smart At Work

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How To Fake Being Smart At Work

If you work in an office setting, WFH or not you’re probably still having many, many, many meetings. They’re a necessary evil. But have you ever wondered how you can appear smarter in meetings? Jessie has done some research and she shares it with us today…

Plus, ABBA are officially making a comeback, but why are they being de-aged? 

And, we know we said we’d be COVID-free on Friday’s, but Jessie’s mate Joe Rogan, the American podcaster, has done something stupid. Rogan’s been diagnosed with COVID, and his treatment is very problematic...

The End Bits:

Recommendations: Holly wrote an article called "I am almost 50, with no Botox, and here’s what I put on my face." You can read it here: 


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