How Do You Put Your Bra On?

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How Do You Put Your Bra On?

Hey... you there... did you know that there’s more than one way to put your bra on? Yep, and it has the Outlouders bamboozled probably more than it should.

Plus, why is author Elizabeth Gilbert so good at falling in love? A year since her wife Raya died, Elizabeth has announced that she’s seeing a new fella, and while we’re extremely happy for her - we can’t help but wonder if there's such thing as being 'lucky in love'.

And it wouldn’t be Friday if we didn’t have recommendations. Mia’s discovered the Jonas brothers and Jessie wants you to listen to a podcast on disgust….


Jessie: Stuff You Should Know...On Disgust and Straight White Man by Bo Burnham Holly: Sammy Jo's Play Ground Politics Terrorism Video
Mia: Sucker by the Jonas Brothers and Billie Eilish's new album 


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