When You're An Andy Living With A Hamish

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When You're An Andy Living With A Hamish

In an article published on Mamamia, Michaela Banks writes “As the parent of a child with a disability, Ann Marie Smith's death keeps me up at night."’. Ann Marie, 54, had cerebral palsy and required full-time care. It is alleged that she spent the final year of her life in a cane woven chair, malnourished and with no assistance when it came to her basic human needs. What can we learn from her devastating death?

Also, how can an Andy bear living with a Hamish (or a Jessie)? In an interview with Jessie, Andy Lee recoiled in horror upon seeing her old parking tickets stashed on her car’s dashboard, and odd socks on her feet. So, if you’re a Hamish, and your partner is an Andy, how do you ensure you don’t drive each other mad?

Plus, one of our listeners wrote in with a dilemma about seeing a workmate’s child posting inappropriate content on Tik Tok. Should she tell the child’s mum? We deliberate in a very awkward Group Therapy. 

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Michaela Bank’s story about Ann Marie… https://www.mamamia.com.au/anne-marie-smith/

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