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Childless By Circumstance

Is it time to rethink hotel quarantine? It’s been just short of a year since anyone who arrived in Australia from overseas has had to undergo two weeks of mandatory quarantine in a specific hotel, only to be released after two negative COVID test results. The process is coming under review, while today there's more news of hotel quarantine workers testing positive, and a person in NSW who tested positive for the virus, two days after finishing hotel quarantine.

Plus, Hilaria Baldwin is back in the headlines after she was exposed as...not being a Spanish person, earlier in the year. At first, Hilaria basically said… 'I’m sorry you got confused and assumed I was born in Spain.' But now, a month later, she’s come out with an apology on Instagram. Did she owe us the apology it problematic to pretend to be Spanish?

And, when Gladys Berejiklian joined Mia on No Filter this week, she revealed her life has ended up in a very different place than she imagined when she was twenty. What assumptions do we make about powerful women, and what is the difference between child free by choice, and childless by circumstance?


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