Gen Y are the most selfish generation of all.

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Gen Y are the most selfish generation of all.

"There are times when I put photos on my instagram and they get so few likes that I delete them." #GenYproblems are REAL. Today Mia Freedman (of Generation X) goes the hack on all the Generation Y's she's hired. Plus, why is it called 'Good' Friday? And we pay homage to storage.

Show notes

The Larry Emdur Dilemma

Is this the dumbest thing at Ikea?

Mia says Gen X is the best.

Gen Y hit back

Wanna get Netflix? Here's what you should know 

Here's the online catalogue for Country Road, in case you are like Jamila and want to fawn over it, but also like Monique in that you are not posh enough to get the real hardcopy one.

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This Glorious Mess will be released on Friday. 

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