The Generation That's Really Nailing Isolation

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The Generation That's Really Nailing Isolation

To Jessie’s scornful delight, Holly’s managed to scrape up some celeb gossip among the COVID-infested headlines. So, why did Harry and Meghan decide to call their charity Archewell? And, what do we think of Demi Moore and her ex Bruce Willis isolating together?

And, since we’re all desperately waiting for a COVID vaccine to materialise, what are anti vax groups up to? Well, notes have been dropping in people’s letter boxes in Sydney with a  brand new conspiracy theory. We have many thoughts.

Plus, Gen X seems to be doing alright in this mess. After all, they’re used to self-entertainment, delayed gratification, and expecting the world to end at any given moment. Is Gen X nailing isolation? We discuss. 


The article ‘It Took a Global Pandemic, But Generation X is Finally Getting Love’...


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