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The Woman The World Is Talking About Today

Joe Biden has (finally) secured enough votes in the U.S election to be declared the winner, making Kamala Harris Vice President Elect. As celebrations around Biden's win continue, it's his running mate everyone is talking about. Kamala Harris is the first woman elected Vice President, she's also the first black VP and someone we're tipped to spend the next four years being obsessed with.

Plus, Yesterday was Remembrance Sunday in Britain, when the royal family leads the country in tributes to troops from World War One, Two and more recent conflicts. Reports have emerged that Harry wanted a wreath laid in his honour at the event, but the Queen said NO. Holly asks the question, are Harry and Meghan still relevant? 

And, a listener dilemma from a concerned sister many of us can relate to, about breaking the cycle of a toxic, on-again-off-again relationship.


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