The Great Chicken Sandwich Dilemma

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The Great Chicken Sandwich Dilemma

Do you eat the same thing every day for lunch? How about breakfast? And why does it matter?

A recent article in the Atlantic looked at people who eat the same thing every day and as a regular chicken sandwich eater, Jessie thinks it’s a great idea.   Holly thinks it’s boring...until she realises she’s not all that adventurous herself. So does eating the same thing every day make you a bore or a decision making genius?

Plus, following Mia’s recent interview with Gemma Hartley, the Outlouders discuss the complexities around emotional labour in a relationship and how it’s leaving women exhausted. So, is it really the responsibility for women to tell men to step up and do the dishes or should they do it without being asked?  And is the situation the same in same-sex couples?


Listen to Mia’s interview with Gemma Hartley on the most recent episode of No Filter here… 

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