Don't Mess With Melbourne's Pregnant People

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Don't Mess With Melbourne's Pregnant People

Do not mess with the pregnant people of Melbourne.

This week, it was announced that partners would be asked to leave hospitals two hours after the birth. A debate has ensued, and to talk about it we're joined by original Outlouder, the very pregnant Monique Bowley

And, there’s a new generational war simmering away in offices, and it’s been kicked off by non-other than Chair Of The ABC and all-round media legend, Ita Buttrose. Ita says that millennials ‘lack resilience and need hugging’. So, does she have a point?

Plus, the Bachelor In Paradise sex contract we can't stop thinking about.

Hosts: Holly Wainwright, Jessie Stephens, and Mia Freedman 

Producer: Elissa Ratliff

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