Don't Hide In The Toilet At Your Christmas Party

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Don't Hide In The Toilet At Your Christmas Party

It’s party season, which is great for some but if you have social anxiety it’s the pits. We have tips that can help you pull through the season of small talk.  All you need is a helping hand a little meditation. And a New York bar has a “no hitting on women policy”. Fun police? Or fair enough? Hillary Clinton has gone sans-makeup in public. Is it post-campaign sadness? A deliberate move to stick the middle finger up to being a woman in the public eye? And a plea for no more phone noise.

Show Notes

Your host and producer is Monique Bowley with Mia Freedman and Jessie Stephens

Monz recommends Black Rock, White City the debut novel of Australian writer A. S. Patrić. It won the Miles Franklin Award this year.
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Mia recommends episode 200 of the Tim Ferris Show 

Jessie recommends watching Big Bad Love on iview

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