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The Three Date Rule

In case you missed it, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry had their baby and everyone is going bananas for Archie Harrison Mountbatten Windsor.  But they're also judging new mother, Meghan.  Should she have worn a white dress?  Did she look too good and is that unfair to new mothers? Why was she standing behind Harry instead of confidently striding towards the cameras?  But is it fair to judge a woman for how she behaves in a situation no woman could prepare for?  Or did she know what she was signing up for?

And are you sick of wasting your time on the dating circuit?  Maybe you need to introduce a sealer date.  Mia, Jessie and Rach discuss their approach to dating and whether cutting someone off after two dates is foolish or a good idea.

Plus, a recent New York Times article looks at why some women in relationships are stepping back from their careers so their partners can get richer.  The article says: "To maximize the family’s income but still keep the children alive, it’s logical for one parent to take an intensive job and the other to take a less demanding one.  It just so happens that in most couples, if there's a woman and a man, the woman takes the back seat.”  So do we need to stop putting our careers on hold for family or should it be our choice?

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