We Were Wrong About Constance Hall

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We Were Wrong About Constance Hall

Last week, Constance Hall gave a powerful TEDxTalk about her experience with bullying both online and in the real world. Mia originally discouraged Constance from speaking publicly about being bullied for fear it would ‘feed the trolls’. But she now realises she was wrong, and in fact, there’s a lot to be gained by shining a light on these experiences.  

Mark Ronson has spoken out about his sexuality, announcing his preference of ‘sapiosexuality,’ which involves being attracted to a person’s intellect above their gender and appearance. So, is this just another way of saying “it’s what’s inside that counts?”

Plus, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is the latest public figure to have photos from his past emerge; this time with the PM wearing black face for a dress up party. Holly asks why we’re quick to forgive some people for their socially unacceptable behaviour, while withholding that luxury from others.

This episode of Out Loud is brought to you by Toyota Kluger; built for safety, designed for attention.


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