Chrissy Teigen Says You Can't Go To The Gym

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Chrissy Teigen Says You Can't Go To The Gym

Queen of Hollywood clap-backs Chrissy Teigen is among the voices encouraging Americans not to go to a particular gym because of… Trump. But does even exercising have to be a political act now? 

Genetically-blessed human Emily Ratatjowski has dared to bare her underarms, hair and all, on the upcoming cover of Harper’s Bazaar magazine. Ratatjowski actually penned an essay for the magazine but the internet can’t stop talking about whether or not her armpit hair is real. Yes, seriously.

Jessie wants to talk about a video from the New York Times where kids sat down with their parents and confronted them about having their images shared online without their consent. 


Holly: Stranger Things Season 3 - available to stream on Netflix

Jessie: Organ Donation (registering for it, not going out and giving your organs to people).

Mia: The Loudest Voice available to stream on Stan

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