What Bucks' Parties Say About Your Relationship

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What Bucks' Parties Say About Your Relationship

Constance Hall flagged something on her Instagram about bucks' parties that got us thinking. She claims that more often than not, they're used as an opportunity for cheating to happen in relationships, and what happens there is protected by the ‘bro code'. But what about the sister code? 

Plus Taylor Swift is performing at the Melbourne cup this year, but is it problematic to go and watch her if you don’t actually support horse-racing? We’ve got a group therapy that is very of the moment. 

And, Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton has referred to the children in a Tamil asylum-seeker family facing deportation as "anchor babies" so what does this mean?


Rach: Reading Bitcoin Billionaires by Ben Mezrich

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Mia: Reading About A Girl by Rebekah Robertson


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