The Great Australian Witch Hunt

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The Great Australian Witch Hunt

Scott Morrison has switched up his Instagram game lately, so is he really the 'daggy dad' his social media suggests, or is it a carefully thought out strategy from his team, taking a page out of the Jacinda Ardern book?

Plus, Candice Warner, Bec Judd and media witch hunts: Mia did an interview this week with a woman who’s been publicly shamed en masse on social media not once, but twice. What does the tale of women like Candice Warner and more recently, Bec Judd, tell us about when the media turns on famous Aussie women? 

And, Should you be texting your ex to wish them a happy birthday? We get the hosts of the Undone to share their expert dating knowledge.


Recommendations: You can watch 'Diana: In Her Own Words' on Netflix. Jessie wants you to head to an actual cinema and see Aussie flick Ellie and Abbie 

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